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If you have tried traditional weight loss techniques and are still unhappy with the end result, or are in excellent shape and have isolated problem areas that you would like to address, liposuction may be a good option for you.  Patients with good skin quality may benefit greatly from liposuction correction.  Diehl Plastic Surgery offers traditional liposuction and Smartlipo MPX™, one of the latest advances in liposuction technology.

Smartlipo MPX™ Laserlipolysis

SmartLipo MPX, sometimes referred to as laser liposuction, uses a carefully calibrated laser to liquefy fat cells. The laser actually ruptures the fat cells and the resulting liquid substance is removed through small incisions in the skin by the surgeon. The laser also seals/coagulates blood vessels during the procedure, so there is typically less swelling, bleeding, and bruising then with traditional liposuction. Laser liposuction can frequently be done under local anesthesia only.

Many patients are good candidates for SmartLipo™ treatment. In general, candidates should be in good health, exercise regularly, and be within 25 lbs. of their ideal weight.  They should have focal areas of body fat that have responded poorly to diet and exercise.   The laser is used in conjunction with traditional liposuction techniques.

Some of the areas treated with laser liposuction include the submental region (under the chin and jawline), the chest, the arms, the abdomen and flanks (lateral and posterior), the back and bra fat, the mons pubis, the outer and inner thighs, and sometimes the knees.

SmartLipo™ should be considered if:

-You are seeking some degree of skin tightening.   SmartLipo may provide more tightening of the skin than traditional liposuction.

-You are seeking an FDA-approved treatment. Approved in November 2006, SmartLipo™ is one of the fastest-growing and safest procedures in the cosmetic surgery field today.

-You do not want to undergo general anesthesia.  Many SmartLipo™ patients need only a local anesthetic. Because the patient is not completely unconscious, SmartLipo™ carries fewer risks than traditional liposuction surgery and the post-procedure recovery is much quicker than with a general anesthesia.

-You are seeking a liposuction treatment with a swift recovery time. SmartLipo™ patients are typically back to work within 1-2 days following the procedure.

-You want something more affordable than traditional liposuction. The cost of the SmartLipo™ procedure depends on how many areas are being treated.  Some SmartLipo procedures can cost as much as 30% less than the same traditional liposuction procedure under general anesthesia.

To be a good candidate for SmartLipo™, you should maintain realistic expectations about the procedure’s capabilities.  While SmartLipo™ can improve your appearance and self-confidence, it cannot necessarily match your mental ideal. Before you decide to have SmartLipo™, think carefully about your expectations and discuss them during your consultation visit with Dr. Diehl.   She will assess whether you are a good candidate with respect to your medical health, and clarify what SmartLipo™ could do for you.

Dr. Diehl on WRAL TV NEWS

Dr. Allen Mask with the WRAL Health Team discusses the “SmartLipo” procedure featuring an interview with Raleigh Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Cynthia Diehl.  “SmartLipo”  is a cosmetic procedure popular among those seeking to get rid of unwanted body fat using local anesthesia with minimal risks.    View the full videos and the follow up segments here:

PART ONE:     Aired February 26, 2010

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PART TWO:     Aired  May 17, 2010

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Traditional Liposuction

Liposuction surgery is generally performed on an outpatient basis.  Depending on the type and volume of liposuction, you may be given local or general anesthesia.  Once you are sufficiently anesthetized, Dr. Diehl will create small incisions to access the fatty area between your skin and muscle.  Here, she will insert a suction device attached to a stainless steel instrument called a cannula.

Dr. Diehl will then use suction to remove excess fat and create a smoother body contour.  The length of the procedure will correlate with the volumes of the areas addressed.  During your consultation, Dr. Diehl will give you a realistic understanding of your specific process.


The length of recovery depends on the extent of the liposuction surgery.  If you undergo a “light” outpatient procedure, you may be able to return to normal in as little as a few days.  If, on the other hand, you have an extensive procedure, you may require several weeks to heal.  Regardless, you can expect bruising, tenderness and swelling for at least two weeks.

Keep in mind that every person’s body is different.  Your recovery time may be very different from someone else with a similar procedure.  Dr. Diehl will present you with all of the information you need to understand the range of outcomes, and how to best-maintain your improved body shape.

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