Hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, is a common problem and can lead to social embarrassment.  MiraDry is an innovative non-surgical technology that effectively addresses this issue.



We are now offering miraDry at Diehl Plastic Surgery! This FDA approved technology will produce a dramatic decrease in sweating and odor in the underarm region with one treatment. The miraDry system delivers precisely controlled electromagnetic energy to the region with the sweat glands and eliminates them permanently. The procedure can be done with local anesthesia and you can expect minimal to no downtime. Over the counter pain medicines and ice packs are useful post-procedure. The goal is to eliminate the need for antiperspirants, toxins, and surgery with one treatment. Patients with hyperhidrosis can also experience significant improvement but may need a second treatment for optimal effect.

Amazing 96% patient satisfaction rating on Real Self as of January 6, 2016!!

Dr. Diehl featured on Channel 11 ABC news

* Diehl Plastic Surgery has been selected to participate in a miraDry clinical registry to assess patient satisfaction. Participants will receive $220 in Amazon eGift cards for doing short online surveys throughout the year. There is no obligation to participate in the program.


The new FDA approval for underarm hair!  One treatment results in a 70% hair reduction in all hair colors.  Laser hair removal is not effective for blonde, grey or red hair.  miraSmooth works with all hair colors to give a significant improvement with one treatment.  The added benefit is a dramatic reduction or complete elimination of sweat and odor also.

miraDry featured on Rachel Ray’s show.

miraDry on The Doctors

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