Tattoo Excision

People change.  If you have a tattoo that you would like to have permanently removed, Dr. Diehl may be able to achieve this with surgical excision.  Depending on the size, they may be removed in one or serial procedures.

The Process

Tattoo excision involves the removal of the entire tattoo by surgery, and is best used for smaller tattoos.  After administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Diehl will cut through the epidermis and the dermis, and close the wound with sutures.  If your tattoo is too large for the skin around it to be closed, it can be serially removed or a skin graft can be used for coverage.  Some tattoos are too large for surgical removal and are better treated with laser.

The Recovery

While excising does not generally involve a lot of bleeding, there is a resultant scar which can extend beyond the area of the tattoo.  At your consultation, Dr. Diehl will provide realistic expectations for your specific recovery process.

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