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Areola Reduction

Perhaps you like the size and shape of your breasts, but feel your nipple and areola is disproportionately large or puffy.  Areola reduction is almost always a simple procedure that can correct this lack of aesthetics.

What is often thought of as “the nipple” is actually made up of the nipple and the areola. The nipple is the projected part.  The areola is the dark pigmented skin around the nipple. Areolas can look disproportionately large after a breast reduction or lift, or after childbirth.  This is not a medical complication.  It is purely cosmetic.  Regardless, it can negatively affect body image.

The Procedure

Dr. Diehl will remove some of the pigmented areola by incision around the outside of the areola.  Very large areolas may require a vertical incisions on the breasts to fully correct.  To minimize scarring, Dr. Diehl will use dissolving sutures underneath the skin.  This will also eliminate painful suture removal.

The Recovery

Recovery time is minimal.  Most patients can return to their normal activities, including work, within a day or two.

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