Submental Liposuction / neck liposuction

If your “double chin” or heavy jowls negatively-affect the overall contours of your face, submental liposuction could be remarkably-effective in removing extra fatty tissue and re-sculpting your jaw line for a more aesthetically-pleasing silhouette.

The Procedure

After making a small incision near the chin crease, Dr. Diehl will insert a blunt tip cannula to infuse tumescent fluid.  This fluid numbs the area, allowing the procedure to be done under local anesthetic only.    The second step is the SMART lipo laser, which gently moves back and forth in a continuous motion.  The laser minimizes bruising and has some skin tightening benefits.  After the laser, a small cannula is inserted through the same incision.  Using suction, she will remove excess fatty tissue and sculpt the jaw line.  One small dissolvable suture will be used to close the incision.

The Recovery

Submental liposuction is an outpatient procedure.  After the procedure, Dr. Diehl will apply a snug compression garment.  You will then wear this elasticized facial garment for approximately 4-5 days continuously and then as much as possible for the remaining month.  Most patients can return to normal activities, including work within a day or two.

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