Email sent:

Thank you!!  MiraDry is AMAZING!!! I’m bone dry after one procedure. I felt minimum discomfort during the first fifteen minutes of the numbing process but after that it was cake. After the procedure, I had a sunburn kind of feeling. I went home, iced and took some anti-inflammatory medication, per the instructions. The next day I was dry and haven’t used deodorant since, unbelievable results! I was told that achieving 100% is not possible but I would consider myself at 99%. I would highly recommend MiraDry to anybody. 


*Results may vary


Letter sent:

“At 50+, I found myself in a constant battle with my changing shape. No amount of exercise helped. I’m not fat, I’m healthy, I’m simply realizing the reality that all woman will come to know. I learned about CoolSculpting at Dr. Diehl’s office during a seminar. I decided to give it a try. After about 3 weeks I began to see amazing reduction in my “love handles”. Now after 3 months, I can wear pants that were way too tight last November. For me, this procedure is more cost effective than continually replacing items in my wardrobe! Dr. Diehl and her staff go to great lengths to see that you get maximum results and they’re very attentive to your every need while in their care! I’m definitely going back for more.”


*Results may vary


Email thank you sent:

“Hi Dr. Diehl:

It was really nice to have met you this afternoon.

Thank you again for the pleasant office visit; candid sharing; encouragement; and of course your kind staff.

See you soon!


– CC

*Results may vary


Email thank you sent and flowers:

“I just had to tell Dr. Diehl, and her staff how wonderful I think they are. I moved to Florida this past summer and yesterday I had my first consult with a well recommended Plastic Surgeon here. I guess I expected the same awesome, welcoming feeling I got from Dr. Diehl and her staff. I felt very out of place, and not at all special. Visiting a Plastic Surgeon can be so hard and frightening, but your office always made me feel so welcomed. Thank you for your wonderful service I miss you all !!! XOXO”


*Results may vary


Letter sent:

“Dear Dr. Diehl,

It was very nice meeting you. Eileen is very fortunate to be working with a very conscientious surgeon, especially one that can empathize with female concerns.

Thank you for taking the time for thoroughly reviewing my case and explaining all the options /risks/benefits of the procedure.

Thanks you, Best”


*Results may vary


Flower sent:

“Thank You So Much For Everything – You Are Awesome!!”


*Results may vary


Letter sent:

“I wanted to write a note of appreciation to you and your wonderful staff. From the moment I stepped into your office I was made to feel completely at ease. I was extremely nervous leading up to my SmartLipo procedure but the professional and caring demeanor displayed by you and your staff immediately put those nervous feeling to rest.

While I was optimistic about the results of my surgery, I was careful not to expect a miracle. Having said this, I want to express my complete satisfaction to you. I am very pleased with the way I look but even happier with how I feel. As I shared with you in my initial consultation, my inability to lose the weight in my midsection after two pregnancies caused much discouragement. I am now able to wear my clothes with confidence. Thanks to you I look and feel great!

I truly appreciate your guidance and friendly demeanor through this entire process and I am excited to refer you to all of my friends and family. Thank you!



*Results may vary


Letter sent:

“I actually enjoyed my Coolsculpting experience.  I was comfortable the entire time and am already seeing results in my flanks at 3 weeks.  I would have this procedure again without question.”


*Results may vary

Email sent:

" I am 62 and had this extra loose belly and waist fat that would not go away no matter how much weight I lost or how much exercising I did. I did not want a tummy tuck so wanted to give Cool Sculpting a try. I had single treatment of Cool Sculpting on my lower and upper abdomen as well as flanks. I did have the nerve pain on the upper and lower abdomen treatments. This pain started later on day 4 and lasted a week. The neurontin Dr. Diehl gave me was very effective, and I was even able to continue going to the gym. I can say it was all worth it! I am 62 and the results have exceeded my expectations. I haven’t lost weight, but I am wearing clothes I have not worn since over 10 pounds ago! I also have started wearing fitted dresses and seldom need a body shaper. At first my skin was a little crepey, but over time this even improved. Best of all my husband keeps telling me now how sexy my shape is. Cool Sculpting is the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. Thank you, Dr. Diehl for providing this to your patients.


*Results may vary


Edible Arrangement Card:

“Thank you Dr. Diehl and the crew for all you have done to make my surgery smooth and successful.  You are the best at what you do!  Thank you so much again and God Bless!


– AR

*Results may vary

Note to physician:

I wanted to thank you for my breast reduction done in October 2013. Many of us woman with breast implants after ten years – the body ages and  so does the implant.  So when I came into your office asking for them to be removed and remain with a beautiful shape, I got what I paid for. You explained all the risks and were very honest about expectations. It’s been almost four months and they look wonderful. In my forties who would have thought my breast could look like I’m in my twenties. I am so happy with your office.  This week I’m going to have have my face lasered and Eileen has me so excited about a new fresh face I can’t want to see the results.


*Results may vary

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