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Wedding Timeline: Which Procedures to Book Before the Big Day & When

If you have a wedding in your near future, you know that looking your absolute best is crucial for your big day. Though slimming down to fit into that perfect gown is important, you know that most guests (and most importantly your spouse-to-be) will focus on your glowing face. Many brides in the West Hills and Westlake areas make the decision to have one or several facial cosmetic procedures before their wedding so they can look and feel amazing when the times comes to walk down the aisle. If you will be a bride in 2019, here are some facial procedures that you should consider and a guideline for when you should ideally book them before your wedding day.

Skincare: Four Months Before

Adopting a quality skincare routine can help you reveal your best skin before the big day. However, this will take some time to work. When you consult with Dr. Hershcovitch, he will recommend the best products on the market to help you deal with issues such as enlarged pores, dryness, fine lines, or dull skin appearance. Start these as soon as possible before your wedding day, though most women will see an improvement within four months if they stick to their new regimen on a daily basis.

Laser Resurfacing or Chemical Peels: Three to Four Months Before

Are you dealing with hyperpigmentation issues or do you have scarring or dull skin that you want to address before your nuptials? Laser resurfacing and chemical peels are both intensive treatments that can have amazing results. However, they also have some downtime associated. To walking down the aisle with a peeling, red face, schedule these treatments three to four months prior to your big day. Just remember that you’ll need to be vigilant about sunscreen as these treatments can often make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

Fillers and Botox® Injections: Three Weeks Before

Want to diminish fine lines and wrinkles and restore volume and youthful plumpness to your face before you say ‘I Do’? Then you should consider scheduling Botox® or dermal filler injections about three weeks before your wedding. Botox® can be injected into areas of your face where you commonly develop expression lines such as around your eyes, nose or mouth to smooth out your skin. Dermal fillers like Restylane®, Juvéderm®, and Radiesse® can fill in areas of hollowness or lines, and they can also be used to plump lips. Looking refreshed and rejuvenated is important for brides, and a combination of the two types of injectables can be a winning solution. Make sure to get these a few weeks before your actual wedding day so that any minor redness or irritation has a chance to subside.

Don’t Forget the Mother of the Bride:

If you are the mother of the bride and have significant signs of aging on your face and neck such as sagging, hollowness, and loose skin, you may want to have a facelift before the big day. Because a facelift is a surgical procedure that involves some downtime, recovery, and scar healing, Dr. Hershcovitch recommends his patients schedule it at least four months prior to the event. This will give you time to properly heal and for your scars to fade. Dr. Hershcovitch is an expert in performing facelifts and prides himself on leaving only minimal scars after each surgery. Your scars should easily be hidden with your hair, but a few months of healing time will ensure they have faded as much as possible.

Booking a Bridal Consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch

Not sure what treatments you want or when you should get them for your wedding day? Book a consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch as soon as the date is set so he can listen to your concerns and recommend the best procedures for you.

You deserve to look and feel your very best on your wedding day! Schedule your consultation with Dr. Hershcovitch today to find out how he can help.




Can ProNox Make Your Cosmetic Treatment More Comfortable?

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure such as liposuction, surgical vaginal rejuvenation, double chin reduction via fat removal, or cellulite treatment with Cellfina®, you might be putting off your appointment because you are nervous about the discomfort you may feel during the procedure. You may also have general anxiety about being in a doctor’s office, even if the treatment you are undergoing is a relatively minor one. If you have been postponing a procedure due to these reasons, there’s good news. ProNox, available at Dr. Diehl’s medical office, will help make your treatment pain and stress-free experience.

What is ProNox?

ProNox is a system of sedation that gives patients a 50/50 mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide. This mixture provides both pain relief and relief from the anxiety that many feel when undergoing cosmetic or surgical procedures. The ProNox system is patient-controlled, which means they can administer the amount of sedation they want when they want it. The effects of ProNox are felt within seconds so patients can quickly and effectively respond to any discomfort or anxiety that occurs during their procedure. Those who use ProNox do not fall asleep during their treatment. Instead, they simply feel more relaxed and comfortable.

What Procedures Can Be Improved by Using ProNox?

ProNox can be used by itself during minor to minimally invasive surgical procedures to provide relief from discomfort and/or anxiety. Essentially, ProNox can be used with any procedure that may cause pain, discomfort, or worry.

How is ProNox Different?

ProNox is different than general anesthesia as it is out of the patient’s system ten minutes after inhalation of the medication has stopped. This means that patients who receive ProNox during their appointment do not have to worry about any lingering effects, such as exaggerated grogginess. ProNox is also self-administered. Patients can determine for themselves what level of pain relief they want based on their unique experience. ProNox is non-addictive, takes effect quickly, and has no long-term side effects. While some patients may experience a bit of a headache after using ProNox, this is uncommon and usually very short-lived.

Who is a Good Candidate for ProNox?

Those who have been putting off cosmetic treatments because they fear being in pain or who have anxiety about going to a doctor’s office are good candidates for ProNox. It is also a good option for those who are afraid of shots or needles. ProNox can also be a viable alternative for those who are allergic to or cannot tolerate general anesthesia.

Why Should You Consider ProNox?

If you do not want to or cannot use general anesthesia, you may have thought that some cosmetic procedures are beyond your reach. ProNox now makes them a possibility. In addition to being a viable alternative to for some general anesthesia procedures, it also is a perfect choice for those who have been considering a cosmetic treatment but are fearful of the pain or discomfort they may feel during the procedure or those who have a general fear of the doctor’s office. ProNox puts you in control because it is self-administered and takes effect quickly to provide immediate relief of anxiety and pain. With its short duration and lack of side effects, you can use ProNox during your minimally invasive, outpatient procedure and resume your daily activities as soon as you walk out of the office. ProNox is also an affordable option and usually adds no more than $150-$200 $125 onto the price of your procedure.

Learning More About ProNox

Do you want to find out if ProNox is right for you? During your consultation with Dr. Diehl for any type of aesthetic or surgical cosmetic procedure, you can ask her if ProNox could be used to make your treatment more comfortable and free of anxiety. Dr. Diehl will go over the benefits of ProNox, how it may enhance your procedure, and find out if there are any reasons why you could not use it. With her commitment to patient care, Dr. Diehl will always make the recommendation that is best for her patient.





What Can You Expect from Your Labiaplasty Recovery? (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

An enlarged inner labia, also called the labia minora, can be an embarrassing, frustrating, and physically uncomfortable issue for women. Though it may cause them irritation, discomfort during normal daily activities and exercise, hygiene issues, and reduced self-esteem, many women believe there is nothing that can be done and suffer in silence. Others believe that the pain and recovery process of surgery is just not worth it. If you are one of these women, you should know that there is help out there. Dr. Diehl can perform a surgery called labiaplasty which corrects enlarged labia. Not only is this an effective way to improve your appearance and comfort, but it also involves much less recovery than you might think.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that is performed most often under local anesthesia (VERY well tolerated, especially with Pro-Nox) but can also be done under general anesthesia depending on your preference. The procedure usually takes around one hour and can be performed in two different ways: the trim technique or the wedge technique. With the trim technique, extra tissue is removed along with the whole length of the inner labia and is usually recommended for those who have excess tissue and hyperpigmentation on the edges of this tissue. This is an effective method that produces natural-looking results and normally has a shorter recovery period than the wedge technique. After patients heal from this surgery, they generally have a scar that is virtually undetectable.

The wedge technique involves a V-shaped wedge being removed from the inner labia, then stitching together the tissues of the surrounding areas. This produces a natural-looking result but does not address any hyperpigmentation issues. The scar resulting from this technique is also easily hidden and does not trouble most patients. Both techniques use dissolving sutures, so there is no need for patients to return to the office to have stitches removed. The best method will depend on your unique anatomy and desired results.

What Can You Expect from Your Recovery?

The benefits of labiaplasty are many, especially if you’ve been dealing with discomfort or embarrassment for many years. They can include a reduction of pinching and chafing with daily activities and exercise, increased sexual enjoyment, freedom to wear swimsuits/underclothes/yoga pants without embarassement, less moisture retention, and increased self-esteem. But is the process worth it? The answer is definitely yes, especially when you see that the recovery from labiaplasty is easier than you might expect.

During the procedure, you should feel little to no pain. After the surgery is complete, you will likely feel some mild discomfort and will be given pain medication to deal with this symptom. We encourage frequent icing of the area for several days after.  Over the next few days or weeks, you may see some bruising or swelling and may experience some discomfort while urinating.

There may be discomfort in your labia region while you heal. Try to avoid wearing any tight underwear or other clothing and avoid using tampons until your recovery is complete. You will also have to abstain from sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks after your surgery to prevent infections or  unnecessary trauma to the region while it heals. Most patients can return to work in a few days and will experience a full recovery in about six weeks. After the first few days, the discomfort and other symptoms should start to fade, and most women find they do not even need pain medication after the first few days. Many only take Tylenol. Because sutures dissolve, there is no need to return to the doctor’s office for removal of stitches (just for the usual follow-up visits) and patients can relax and recover in the comfort of their own homes.

How Can You Find Out More?

Having labiaplasty surgery is a very personal decision. It’s important that you are fully informed about the procedure before you make any decisions. The best way to move forward is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Diehl. She can answer all your questions and provide you with a professional opinion on the type of technique that would be best for you.

You no longer have to live with the discomfort or embarrassment of an enlarged labia. With labiaplasty, you can recover your self-esteem and live a life free of discomfort. For more information, schedule your consultation with Dr. Diehl today.












What Happens to Fat Cells After Liposuction?

If you are in relatively good shape yet have pockets of stubborn fat that won’t go away no matter how much you diet or exercise, you may be a good candidate for liposuction. Many of those who consider liposuction, however, are confused about where the fat cells go after they are removed during this surgical procedure. Do they grow back? Will they show up in different areas of the body? These are valid questions, and ones that can be easily answered by a knowledgeable and experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Diehl. Here is a bit more information on the liposuction process and what really happens to those fat cells once they are removed.

What is Liposuction?

Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure that is conducted under general anesthesia and sometimes local anesthesia. It is usually performed in a hospital or in a medical office that is equipped for outpatient surgery. After the anesthesia is administered, the surgeon will insert a stainless steel instrument called an infusion cannula to “tumesce” the area.  This means that a large volume of fluid is administered to the entire area of fatty tissue.  Then, through the same small incisions, a different type of cannula is inserted that is attached to a suction device. He or she will then gently suction out the excess fat in the predetermined areas to create a slimmer, smoother appearance. After the surgery, you will be given time to rest and recover before being released to fully recuperate in your own home. You should have someone to drive you home and should expect to take it easy for a week or two after surgery before returning to your normal schedule.

What is “Laser Liposuction” or SmartLipo?

Laser liposuction is basically the same process, but with two big differences.  Most patients having laser liposuction are under local anesthesia only, avoiding the need for general anesthesia.  The tumescent and suctioning process is the same, but sandwiched between them the laser is passed.  The laser gives the additional advantages of some improved skin tightening and less bruising (resulting in a more comfortable recovery).  Otherwise, The procedure, garment use, and post-operative care is the same.

How Does It Work?

The reason that liposuction works is that the number of fat cells in our body remains quite stable after we reach adulthood. When you lose or gain weight, you are not actually losing or gaining fat cells—your existing fat cells are just getting smaller or larger. That means that if excess fat cells exist in certain parts of your body such as your thighs or lower belly, it is much easier to gain weight in those areas and it may not be as easy to get rid of excess fat with diet or exercise alone. You can not ‘spot reduce’ fat cells. When you lose weight, you will lose it in all of your fat cells—even in areas where weight loss is not desired. If you want to reduce your proportions or reduce fat in a certain area, you should consider a procedure like liposuction that can achieve these results.

So What Really Happens to Those Cells?

Liposuction permanently removes fat cells from targeted areas on your body. Your body will not replace them, and you will not accumulate more fat in the remaining cells that are in the treated areas as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your weight stable. Some people believe that removing fat cells from one area causes them to increase in another, but this is not true. It may seem that way since the treated area will be noticeably slimmer, but fat cells that are manually removed can never return to your body. If you do not maintain your weight, however, you could gain more weight in untreated areas as they will still have the same number of fat cells as they did before the surgery.  Liposuction is really only changing your proportion of fat cells in an area, so after liposuction if there is weight gain, it will show where there are more fat cells.  For example,  a patient feels that their problem area is the abdomen and a large number of the fat cells from this area are removed with the liposuction procedure. If that patient were to gain a significant amount of weight, proportionally they now may have more fat cells in the butt and thighs.  This area will enlarge proportionally more because there are now more fat cells that can get larger in the part of her body compared to the abdomen (which used to proportionally have more before the surgery).

How Can I Maintain My Results?

Committing to a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a good diet and stable weight is the best way to ensure you maintain the results that come from liposuction. Those who experience the best results from liposuction are those who are already within five or ten pounds of their goal weight and simply have excess fat in certain areas that never seem to go away.

Keep in mind that the natural aging process will still have an effect on your weight and body shape after liposuction. Your metabolism will likely slow down as you age and you may notice additional changes in your body. Some liposuction patients return to their surgeon a few years down the road when additional procedures are desired. At this time, your surgeon will consult with you to see if an additional liposuction surgery is warranted or if other procedures could produce the results you want to see.

Working with a skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeon such as Dr. Diehl for your liposuction procedure is imperative to both your safety and your satisfaction with the results. If you are interested in learning more about liposuction and if the procedure may be right for you, contact Dr. Diehl’s office to schedule a consultation.




The Most Requested CoolSculpting® Treatment Areas

Looking for a way to get rid of stubborn fat pouches, lumps, or bumps? In recent years, more patients have turned to CoolSculpting® as a non-invasive, highly effective fat removal option. Known for its innovative approach, CoolSculpting® is especially popular for its versatility. Here are some of the top places where CoolSculpting® is applied to create results patients love:

Abdomen (“Stomach”, Midsection)

Targeting excess fat on the abdomen with CoolSculpting® is an especially popular option for both  our male and female patients. During the procedure, the area to be treated is drawn in between the panels and targeted cold is applied to eliminate unwanted fat cells. For many of our male patients, CoolSculpting® is a great way of eliminating belly bulge or beer bellies, while women in general love that the procedure can be used as part of a mommy makeover.

Flanks (“Muffin Top”)

Like the abdomen, the flanks are a very common area for CoolSculpting®.  This area that hangs over the jeans in both men and women can be particularly frustrating and responds very well with the targeted fat reduction of CoolSculpting®.


Surprised? You shouldn’t be – double chins or submental fat are a commonly caused by age, genetics, and fluctuating weight. Removing fat from the chin and neck is especially tricky, even with a robust work out plan and diet. New attachments to CoolSculpting® equipment mean these stubborn fat pockets can be  tackled during a CoolSculpting® session.

Upper arms

Love tank tops but tired of bat wings? CoolSculpting® can help with that. Special applicators made specifically for the arms are attached directly to sagging fat tissue covering the triceps. When combined with a regular workout routine, CoolSculpting® is a great way of obtaining more sculpted, toned arms.

Waist, Hips, and Thighs

Stubborn fat pockets can accumulate anywhere; while some see fat gathering around their midsection, others notice it most around their lower half. At Dr. Diehl’s plastic surgery practice, CoolSculpting® can be applied to the waist, hips, and thighs as a popular multidimensional treatment strategy that leaves patients feeling more confident in their figures.  Inner and outer thigh treatments can give a more slimming contour to the legs.  Outer thigh CoolSculpting® helps with those “saddlebags” and inner thigh application can help make progress with the “thigh gap.”


Double chins aren’t the only unfortunate side effect of aging. As we age, skin stops producing important collagen and elastin, proteins that keep skin looking young and feeling firm. When production slows and ultimately stops, skin everywhere becomes loose and doesn’t “bounce back” to its original placement. Ultimately gravity takes a toll as well. Combined with weight gain and muscle loss, it is not uncommon for individuals to develop noticeable back fat during their later years. To tackle this bothersome body contouring issue, CoolSculpting® specifically target excess fat and helps tone your back to create a pleasing silhouette. Targeting the bra fat area and the lower back, or posterior flanks, can do wonders for smoothing and shrinking the silhouette.

Stop Waiting – Schedule Your Consultation Today!

While summer may be over, it’s never too early to start feeling your absolute best. In Raleigh, Dr. Diehl and her team use CoolSculpting® to help patients restore confidence in their appearance. Lynn and Sharon have been Dr. Diehl’s CoolSculpting® providers for over 6 years.  You couldn’t be in better hands or have a more experienced team working with you.  Learn more about your treatment options – schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon by calling (919) 381-5540 today!


Cellfina®’s Results are Now Proven to Last Longer

Cellfina® is our favorite cellulite reduction treatment and we are excited to share that new studies have shown Cellfina® treatment results to have long-lasting efficacy at 5 years.  Previous to Cellfina®, nothing had been shown to last more than 9 – 12 months. In this blog we are sharing the science behind Cellfina® and why it is so long-lasting.

Why Cellulite is a Challenge to Treat

Below the skin, connective tissue attaches the skin to muscle, creating small compartments that store fat cells. When there are few or small fat cells, and patients have good skin elasticity, skin looks smooth and toned.

However, fat cells can grow and accumulate with weight fluctuation. As fat cells grow within these compartments, they begin to create tension. The connective barriers do not grow to accommodate new fat cells; they remain taut, causing fat cells to push against the skin. This creates the appearance of bumps and dimpling that are characteristic of cellulite. Weight gain isn’t the only cause of fat cell expansion and cellulite, however. Genetics, pregnancy and an inactive lifestyle can also contribute to cellulite growth along the thighs and buttocks.

Before Cellfina®, massages, and creams were all marketed as the best treatments for regaining smooth skin. Unfortunately, these options fail to address the true source of cellulite, leaving less-than-satisfactory and always temporary results. While some patients have tried to treat cellulite with comprehensive treatments like CoolSculpting® and liposuction, these don’t fully address the cause of the issue either since they are only reducing fat. Patients who invest in topical creams and fat removal procedures can still leave their surgeon’s office feeling dissatisfied with the dimple correction.

Why Cellfina® Works

Cellfina®’s success comes directly from how the treatment targets the structures that create skin dimpling. Cellfina® uses a form of microblading known as subcision to specifically target the subcutaneous fibrous bands. Often used for treating acne scars and wrinkles, subcision uses a special hypodermic needle to cut the subcutaneous skin fibers that cause dimples or depressions in the skin. Cellfina® utilizes the same concept for cellulite treatment. During the procedure, the target area is numbed and the device is then inserted just below the skin. Using a specialized technique, Dr. Diehl cuts the connective tissue bands, releasing the tension responsible for creating the cellulite dimpling.

Whereas other cellulite treatments require multiple sessions until results are noticeable, Cellfina® is a one and done treatment. After their session, patients can see their skin bouncing back to a smoother texture in in as few as three days. Best of all, new studies have shown that patients are enjoying their results for years after treatment. In 2015, one study found that 98% of participants have continued to enjoy their results two years post-procedure. In 2018, however, the FDA cleared Cellfina® as a treatment that treats cellulite for up to five years post-procedure!

Get Smoother Skin Today

At Diehl Plastic Surgery, we know how disappointing failed cellulite treatments can be to anyone’s self-confidence. Minimally invasive Cellfina® has helped our Raleigh plastic surgeon improve our patients’ appearances and self-esteem for years. If you’re ready to get rid of your cellulite for the long-term, we encourage you to call (919) 381-5540 to schedule your consultation.


Want Results by 2019? Get Started with CoolSculpting® Today!

It’s happening.

Stores are starting to roll out their winter displays, holiday lattes have hit coffee shops, and plans to visit family and friends are in full swing. In just a few short months, many of our patients will start getting ready to make their New Year’s resolutions. Many of those resolutions often revolve around losing those last few pounds that are stubbornly keeping people from reaching their ideal body. Why wait until January to achieve your dream of a slender, contoured body? Now is the perfect time to start your CoolSculpting® treatment and reach your goals before the new year starts!

Why CoolSculpting®?

Even with diligent diet and exercise, some bumps and lumps of excess fat can stubbornly stay behind. This is due to the simple fact that while fat cells can shrink, they can never be truly eliminated without physical intervention. Traditionally, fat reduction or removal was done via liposuction, a popular cosmetic surgery that provides long-lasting results. However, not everyone may be ready for invasive surgery just to shed their last few pockets of fat. That’s where CoolSculpting® comes in.

Like its surgical counterpart, CoolSculpting® is designed to help patients add definition to different parts of the body by eliminating existing fat cells. However, CoolSculpting®’s innovative technology is completely non-surgical. With this treatment option, patients don’t need to worry about spending weeks preparing for surgery or take time off for recovery. While some individuals may experience some slight soreness or bruising after their session, this usually dissipates within a few days.  There really is no downtime with the CoolSculpting® procedure.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting®

So, what makes CoolSculpting® so successful without requiring even minimal surgical intervention? The key is in how the fat cells are destroyed. As mentioned, fat cells fluctuate in size based on several factors, including weight, diet, and exercise. While fat cells may shrink when a person has low body fat, they can quickly expand as an individual gains weight.

To eliminate fat cells, CoolSculpting® uses a specific applicator that cools the areas to a very specific temperature that damages fat cells. The cold temperature is set to target just fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and muscle tissue. Known as the process of cryoliposis, the damaged fat cells are then naturally absorbed by the body and eliminated in the weeks following treatment. By the end of the processing period, patients are left with a reduction in fat averaging 20-25% in the area treated.

Considerations for Your CoolSculpting® Treatment

Not every patient carries or loses weight the same way. When it comes to removing extra fat from your body with CoolSculpting®, our Raleigh plastic surgeon takes the utmost care to ensure your treatment is designed with your body’s needs and goals in mind. Lynn and Sharon have been doing CoolSculpting® treatments at Diehl Plastic Surgery for over 6 years.  During your CoolSculpting® consultation, Lynn or Sharon will perform an in-depth evaluation to ensure this solution will best help you reach your goals. While CoolSculpting® is highly effective for some patients, not everyone looking to eliminate extra bumps from their physique enjoy the same results. Individuals with larger or more abundant target areas may find that comprehensive treatment with liposuction or multiple CoolSculpting® treatments provides better results.

When thinking about CoolSculpting®, it’s also important to remember that treatment results are gradual – the process relies on your body to process out damaged fat cells. As such, it’s important for patients who are looking to use CoolSculpting® in preparation for an upcoming event to schedule their treatment sessions well in advance. If you’re thinking about starting the new year with a new physique, now may be the best time to start treatment.

Ready? Schedule Today!

At Diehl Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help all patients feel comfortable and confident in their appearance. To learn more about the advantages of CoolSculpting® and to see how this innovative procedure can transform your body, call our Raleigh plastic surgeon today to schedule your consultation!

Liposuction vs CoolSculpting®: Which Treatment Suits Your Goals?

Liposuction and CoolSculpting® have helped patients remove stubborn pockets of fat and achieve their dream body. While seemingly similar, both procedures use different techniques and work best for different patients. Knowing the difference and how to weigh each procedure against your desired goals is an important step in choosing the best plastic surgery solution for your body.

CoolSculpting® – Non-Invasive Fat Removal

Best known as the non-surgical fat reduction solution, CoolScupting uses cryolipolysis to eliminate fat cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, the process involves freezing fat cells so that they die and are naturally absorbed by the body. During CoolSculpting® treatment, stubborn pockets of fat are placed within applicator panels. The panels cool to a temperature that damages fat cells.  Over the course of several months, the target area becomes noticeably smoother as more fat cells are processed out by the body.  Some people may choose to have several treatments to the same area for a more aggressive fat reduction.  It is reasonable to expect a 20-25% reduction in the area treated with each procedure.

What are the Benefits of CoolSculpting®?

One reason why CoolSculpting® is so popular is that it is completely non-invasive. Patients who can’t or don’t want to have surgery can use CoolSculpting® as an effective alternative for achieving their goals of a more sleek physique. Furthermore, as CoolSculpting® is non-invasive, the treatment requires no downtime compared to its surgical counterpart. For busy individuals who don’t have the time to commit to surgical preparation or recovery, the non-invasive nature of this treatment makes it a particularly attractive treatment option.

Are there any Downsides to CoolSculpting®?

While this non-surgical option is certainly effective, there are some conditions that may keep patients from enjoying the full benefits of treatment. For starters, CoolSculpting® is not a one and done procedure. In order for patients to fully realize their ideal results, they may require several treatments to the same area. Additionally, results are not immediate and gradually manifest within a few months. While this may seem like a downside, many patients see this as an opportunity to keep their procedure discreet.

The applicators are specific sizes, and while there are a variety of applicators to allow optimal treatment of an area, this does limit how large of an area can be treated.  As a result, this treatment is most successful when it is used to target small, stubborn pockets of fat or a comprehensive plan is created to treat larger areas.  CoolSculpting® and should not be used as a weight loss solution.

Tried and True Liposuction

Perhaps one of the best-known fat removal solutions, liposuction is a tried and true plastic surgery procedure popularly used to help patients achieve a more contoured physique. During this procedure, cannulas (thin tubes) are strategically inserted into the target area, and excess fat cells are removed.

What are the Benefits of Liposuction?

Liposuction is among the most popular, minimally invasive surgical solutions available. The treatment is very comprehensive in that large treatment areas can be successfully addressed in just one session. Liposuction is often included as part of larger treatment strategies such as mommy makeovers and full body contouring to help patients fully achieve their dream body. Furthermore, evolution in treatment instruments and technique have turned liposuction into a simple treatment that requires only limited recovery time. With a healthy diet and exercise, the results of liposuction can last well into the future.  Liposuction is often done under local anesthesia, so general anesthesia is not necessary.

Are there any downsides to liposuction?

While the treatment process may be limited to very small, hidden scars, liposuction is still considered plastic surgery; patients must be healthy enough to undergo surgery to be a candidate for treatment. Likewise, there is a certain amount of recovery time patients should expect post-procedure.

Find Your Perfect Treatment Plan with Dr. Diehl

When it comes to plastic surgery, the surgery itself is only part of the overall treatment plan. Planning and preparation are arguably the most important steps in creating any successful surgery strategy. At Dr. Diehl’s plastic surgery practice, your one on one consultation is that important first step in the treatment process. By discussing your concerns and goals, our team can assess whether CoolSculpting® or liposuction is the best procedure for you.

Ready to get started? Call Dr. Diehl at (919)381-5540 today and schedule your consultation at Diehl Plastic Surgery today! We look forward to helping you achieve your best body.

The Smartest Medically Assisted Weight Loss Treatment

If you struggle with your weight, you understand that diets can leave you feeling worse than you did before you even started them and can cause your weight loss efforts to feel never-ending. While a caloric deficit is essential to shedding pounds, the method you use to achieve it can make or break the results you want.

In order to create a caloric deficit, we see many patients adopt restrictive diets that work at the beginning but encourage dangerous behaviors such as strict food restrictions, dramatic caloric restrictions, and even binge eating certain foods.  These types of diets frequently result in weight gain in the long term as the patients fatigue with the limitations.

While patients often go from one diet to another in search of a consistent caloric deficit, they miss the most important piece of the weight loss puzzle: Creating a healthy relationship with food is key to long-term, successful weight loss. Unfortunately, diet culture does not encourage healthy, balanced eating and patients continue yo-yo dieting, often for decades.

So, how do we put an end to this cycle and achieve our weight loss goals?

Where do Fad Diets Fail?

These days, it’s hard to go on any blog or social media platform without seeing a new personality promoting the latest trend diet. From ketogenic to paleo, new diets promising fast weight loss with a quick diet change are constantly emerging. While many of these diets are developed with the best intentions and can provide great results, many of these diets fail in two major areas:

1) They encourage an “all you can eat” approach rather than portion control.

2) Rely on restriction rather than relationship building to keep the weight off.

There’s a Problem with Your Portion

For individuals prone to binge eating, the concept of eating as much as they want, whenever they want, so long that it’s one of the diet’s specified “good foods,” can be especially alluring. However, portion control matters and eliminating it completely tends to encourage overeating and can ultimately lead to weight gain rather than weight loss, especially once you are not following the diet as instructed.  And who wants to follow a diet forever – the goal would be to follow NO diet, eat healthily, and achieve your goals.

Where Restriction Does Not Equal Success

In the push for greater food label transparency, more and more diets are being developed with a focus on clean eating and cutting out ingredients that are less natural or more heavily refined. These solutions are highly restrictive, requiring individuals to completely cut out common ingredients like sugar, dairy or grains from their diet.

While removing processed foods can benefit your health and weight loss, this can be a challenge for many dieters who aren’t prepared to make the long-term lifestyle adjustments sustained weight loss requires.  These diets can also be prohibitively expensive long-term because of the types of foods you are forced to buy.  These restrictions and costs lead to non-compliance and re-gaining any weight lost when the dieter fatigues with the plan.   

Out with Old, in with the New: Why Science in Driving Weight Loss

Within the last 20 years, researchers have discovered the important role healthy eating habits play in weight loss treatment. This goes beyond just what you’re eating; Sustainable weight loss requires that individuals adopt healthy ways of eating. The development of the SmartByte system is a culmination of this important research.   SmartByte is an FDA cleared, safe and comfortable device that is made specifically for you.

The device forces you to take smaller bites and chew more thoroughly – leading to mindfulness when eating, teaching you to taste and enjoy your food, and being more “in the moment”.  This allows your brain satiety centers to kick in and tell you when you are full, and ultimately decreasing the amount of food you eat.  This is the ultimate weight loss tool for people who eat too quickly and eat too much in one sitting.  SmartByte removes dietary restrictions, thereby reducing the risk of binge eating. Often, overeating occurs when an individual has followed a restrictive diet and ends up binging on forbidden food. Rather than forcing patients to give up specific foods, SmartByte reinforces the concepts of portion control and moderation.  With this innovative weight loss system, patients can enjoy their favorite foods throughout the process, rather than trying to gorge themselves before or after their procedure. With SmartByte, you can have a slice of chocolate cake but don’t be surprised if you only end up eating half.  

People who use SmartByte averaged 23% less food to feel satisfied.  Over time, that decreased caloric intake makes an impact on your weight loss goals!

Most importantly, SmartByte focuses on promoting healthier behavioral changes for sustainable weight loss and maintenance. Smaller, slower bites allow patients to sit and enjoy their food rather than scarf it down and risk overeating. This form of eating quickly becomes routine, allowing individuals to better adjust their lifestyle to a healthier one capable of supporting their weight loss.   SmartByte is truly a behavior modification tool.  We aren’t changing what you are eating, but how you are eating it!  SmartByte also includes a chip to allow you to download information to your smartphone and personalized coaching by trained professionals with the company.  These tools allow you to track progress and help you reach your goals.

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While every weight loss journey is unique, successful weight loss requires a fundamental lifestyle change that embraces healthy eating habits as well as diet and exercise. At Diehl Plastic Surgery, Raleigh plastic surgeon, Dr. Diehl, is dedicated to helping patients understand these important steps to weight loss and find a professional system that best suits their needs. To learn more about SmartByte, contact our Raleigh team to schedule your consultation!