The Smartest Medically Assisted Weight Loss Treatment

If you struggle with your weight, you understand that diets can leave you feeling worse than you did before you even started them and can cause your weight loss efforts to feel never-ending. While a caloric deficit is essential to shedding pounds, the method you use to achieve it can make or break the results you want.

In order to create a caloric deficit, we see many patients adopt restrictive diets that work at the beginning but encourage dangerous behaviors such as strict food restrictions, dramatic caloric restrictions, and even binge eating certain foods.  These types of diets frequently result in weight gain in the long term as the patients fatigue with the limitations.

While patients often go from one diet to another in search of a consistent caloric deficit, they miss the most important piece of the weight loss puzzle: Creating a healthy relationship with food is key to long-term, successful weight loss. Unfortunately, diet culture does not encourage healthy, balanced eating and patients continue yo-yo dieting, often for decades.

So, how do we put an end to this cycle and achieve our weight loss goals?

Where do Fad Diets Fail?

These days, it’s hard to go on any blog or social media platform without seeing a new personality promoting the latest trend diet. From ketogenic to paleo, new diets promising fast weight loss with a quick diet change are constantly emerging. While many of these diets are developed with the best intentions and can provide great results, many of these diets fail in two major areas:

1) They encourage an “all you can eat” approach rather than portion control.

2) Rely on restriction rather than relationship building to keep the weight off.

There’s a Problem with Your Portion

For individuals prone to binge eating, the concept of eating as much as they want, whenever they want, so long that it’s one of the diet’s specified “good foods,” can be especially alluring. However, portion control matters and eliminating it completely tends to encourage overeating and can ultimately lead to weight gain rather than weight loss, especially once you are not following the diet as instructed.  And who wants to follow a diet forever – the goal would be to follow NO diet, eat healthily, and achieve your goals.

Where Restriction Does Not Equal Success

In the push for greater food label transparency, more and more diets are being developed with a focus on clean eating and cutting out ingredients that are less natural or more heavily refined. These solutions are highly restrictive, requiring individuals to completely cut out common ingredients like sugar, dairy or grains from their diet.

While removing processed foods can benefit your health and weight loss, this can be a challenge for many dieters who aren’t prepared to make the long-term lifestyle adjustments sustained weight loss requires.  These diets can also be prohibitively expensive long-term because of the types of foods you are forced to buy.  These restrictions and costs lead to non-compliance and re-gaining any weight lost when the dieter fatigues with the plan.   

Out with Old, in with the New: Why Science in Driving Weight Loss

Within the last 20 years, researchers have discovered the important role healthy eating habits play in weight loss treatment. This goes beyond just what you’re eating; Sustainable weight loss requires that individuals adopt healthy ways of eating. The development of the SmartByte system is a culmination of this important research.   SmartByte is an FDA cleared, safe and comfortable device that is made specifically for you.

The device forces you to take smaller bites and chew more thoroughly – leading to mindfulness when eating, teaching you to taste and enjoy your food, and being more “in the moment”.  This allows your brain satiety centers to kick in and tell you when you are full, and ultimately decreasing the amount of food you eat.  This is the ultimate weight loss tool for people who eat too quickly and eat too much in one sitting.  SmartByte removes dietary restrictions, thereby reducing the risk of binge eating. Often, overeating occurs when an individual has followed a restrictive diet and ends up binging on forbidden food. Rather than forcing patients to give up specific foods, SmartByte reinforces the concepts of portion control and moderation.  With this innovative weight loss system, patients can enjoy their favorite foods throughout the process, rather than trying to gorge themselves before or after their procedure. With SmartByte, you can have a slice of chocolate cake but don’t be surprised if you only end up eating half.  

People who use SmartByte averaged 23% less food to feel satisfied.  Over time, that decreased caloric intake makes an impact on your weight loss goals!

Most importantly, SmartByte focuses on promoting healthier behavioral changes for sustainable weight loss and maintenance. Smaller, slower bites allow patients to sit and enjoy their food rather than scarf it down and risk overeating. This form of eating quickly becomes routine, allowing individuals to better adjust their lifestyle to a healthier one capable of supporting their weight loss.   SmartByte is truly a behavior modification tool.  We aren’t changing what you are eating, but how you are eating it!  SmartByte also includes a chip to allow you to download information to your smartphone and personalized coaching by trained professionals with the company.  These tools allow you to track progress and help you reach your goals.

Schedule Your SmartByte Consultation Today!

While every weight loss journey is unique, successful weight loss requires a fundamental lifestyle change that embraces healthy eating habits as well as diet and exercise. At Diehl Plastic Surgery, Raleigh plastic surgeon, Dr. Diehl, is dedicated to helping patients understand these important steps to weight loss and find a professional system that best suits their needs. To learn more about SmartByte, contact our Raleigh team to schedule your consultation!


Submental Liposuction: A Sleeker Neck Line by Thanksgiving

With the weather starting to cool, the time to make holiday plans is quickly approaching. But for patients who feel less than confident in their appearance, the idea of seeing family and friends for the first time in months can be overwhelming. Double chins, in particular, are a common condition that can quickly undermine the self-confidence of many individuals and have few solutions outside plastic surgery. Luckily, solutions like submental liposuction give these individuals the opportunity to achieve a sleeker, more youthful look without having to undergo extensive treatment.

Seeing Double Chins? You’re Not Alone

Submental fat, better known as a double chin, is an increasingly common cosmetic condition among men and women of all ages. While many associate the development of extra tissue below the lower jaw with aging, the truth is that even individuals in their 20s and 30s can develop a double chin.

Given the high prevalence of submental fat among American adults, it’s no small wonder why patients are looking for ways to safely and effectively remove this excess tissue from their faces. One especially effective procedure is submental liposuction, a form of plastic surgery the gently (and permanently) removes excess fat deposits from below the jawbone to add definition to the face.  Submental liposuction not only decreases bulk under the chin, it also helps to give a more sculpted jawline.

Why Submental Liposuction?

Also known as microliposculpture, submental liposuction applies the concept of liposuction to a smaller target area. This provides patients with several key benefits compared to other alternatives:

Less Invasive Treatments

As submental liposuction requires mini cannulas to remove excess adipose tissue, the treatment is much less invasive than the other surgical alternatives. During our patients’ consultation appointments, Dr. Diehl takes the time to study the lower half of the face and neck. She usually uses one small incision to access the entire area.

Less invasive treatment also means this solution to double chins has a much shorter recovery time than traditional surgery.  There is really very little downtime with this procedure.

Effective for All Patients

While microliposculpture is still considered a form of cosmetic surgery, the minimally invasive nature of this treatment makes it ideal for almost every patient. Submental liposuction is highly recommended for individuals who are tired of seeing an extra bump below their chin as well as those missing distinction along the jaw. For individuals with excess thin or inelastic/lax skin tissue or platysmal banding along the neck, Dr. Diehl may recommend another procedure to help tighten the neck.  However, even in these patients this procedure can oftentimes create an impact and improvement in the area.

Short Timeline

Compared to other surgical options like face or necklifts that are long general anesthesia procedures, microliposculpture can be completed in just 30-45 minutes under local anesthesia.   We also have Pro-Nox (self-administered nitrous oxide) available if desired.

In recovery, the use of only one incision and the Smart Lipo laser (which decreases bruising and improves tightening) leads to a shorter healing time and faster noticeable results. Whereas necklifts require about one week of downtime immediately following treatment plus 10 to 14 days of swelling, submental liposuction patients are usually able to return to work within 1-2 days. Occasionally patients will have some bruising and the swelling gradually decreases over the first month, although results are already starting to show at one week in most patients.  Garments do need to be used to obtain the optimal results, but 24 hours/day only the first few days, after that the garment can be worn whenever you are at home.  This helps achieve the best result while not being self-conscious when out and about.

Ready for Microliposculpture? Here’s What to Expect

As with other cosmetic procedures performed at Dr. Diehl’s Raleigh practice, your consultation will include an in-depth discussion about your condition as well as your medical health. From there, we’ll determine the details of your appointment, including anesthesia preference. For some individuals, this includes developing a larger treatment plan that combines submental liposuction with other facial restoration procedures.

Following your surgery, we encourage patients to take it easy and spend a few days recovering at home and wear the comfortable compression garment. You can expect some mild soreness or tenderness in the coming days as you heal. However, most outward swelling and discomfort usually dissipate within a week or two.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

Is your double chin slowly chipping away at your self-esteem? Consider the advantages that submental liposuction can have on your confidence, all without lengthy surgery or recovery time. To learn more about this quick and effective solution, call Diehl Plastic Surgery today and schedule your consultation with our Raleigh plastic surgeon.

What Makes Labiaplasty Surgery Comfortable?


A common, but not often discussed, concern among women is an enlarged labia. For women who are unhappy with the appearance of their labia and seek change, labiaplasty is a great option. Read our infographic below to learn how comfortable surgery can be.


If you would like to learn more about how this surgery can help you, contact us today!

The Rise of Labiaplasty: Why More Women are Electing this Procedure

Labiaplasty is quickly becoming a popular treatment option for women across the country. By some estimates, the procedure has jumped in frequency by nearly 217% since 2012. But why is this treatment gaining traction among women across the country?

The Mechanics Behind Labiaplasty

To understand the growing popularity of the procedure, it’s important to understand the treatment process.

What is Labiaplasty

Every woman has uniquely shaped body parts. For some, the labia minora sits tightly within the labia majora. For others, however, the labia minora tissue extends past the outer lips. For women experiencing this condition, large inner lips can cause patients to feel uncomfortable with the appearance of this intimate area and the excess tissue can make intercourse, bike riding, running and other physical activities painful.   They may feel significant irritation or “pinching” during normal daily activities.

Labiaplasty is a common plastic surgery procedure in which the excess tissue is removed so that the inner lips of the vagina have less prominence and redundancy.

Why Labiaplasty is Gaining steam

There are a few reasons why the procedure is gaining popularity among women. Beyond the relatively straightforward treatment, changes in attitude and better communication between patients and their networks have contributed to shifting attitudes around labiaplasty.   The internet has made information readily available also.

Breaking Down the Taboo Around Women’s Reproductive Health

As the discussion around plastic surgery and women’s reproductive health becomes more commonplace, more women are feeling comfortable bringing up their physical discomfort resulting from the size of the labia and the social anxiety this can also cause. This improved communication has led to a shift in how the topic is broached by both patients and their physicians.

Word of Mouth

As with almost any other procedure or process, word spreads. More women are becoming comfortable discussing procedures with their physician, often leading to more openness with close friends and relatives. Once the taboo is removed, they feel more comfortable sharing their experience with other women considering similar procedures.

Long-Term Benefits

The physical and mental advantages of choosing labiaplasty have helped spur patients to make the decision. Beyond enhancing the appearance of the vagina, this form of rejuvenation can also help to relieve hygiene issues tied to excessive moisture. This type of vaginal rejuvenation also helps alleviate discomfort that can occur during normal daily activities, exercise, and intercourse due to large labia. The procedure can be incredibly liberating to women who enjoy exercise and have constant irritation and chafing.  The bulk of tissue in swimsuits, tight jeans, and yoga pants is another reason patients seek labiaplasty.  By decreasing the size of the labia minora, the volume of tissue is also decreased in clothing.

Aside for relieving physical discomfort, another major benefit of labiaplasty is the mental health benefit. Dr. Diehl sees many patients with social anxiety as a result of the appearance of the labia.  By redefining the shape and appearance of the vulva, labiaplasty allows these individuals to restore their confidence and self-esteem.

Rebuild Self-Confidence with Labiaplasty in Raleigh

At Diehl Plastic Surgery, our team is dedicated to helping women feel their absolute best about their bodies. If you feel that having an enlarged labia is keeping you from feeling confident in yourself or your appearance, call Dr. Diehl at 919-381-5540 to schedule your personal and private consultation. During your visit, we will walk you through the treatment process and develop a completely customized treatment plan tailored to address your concerns and achieve your goals.


Beat the Heat with miraDry®

With the hot Raleigh summer well upon us, staying cool and comfortable is a top priority for many of our patients. While some may be able to seek relief indoors, men and women suffering from excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis may find that not even air conditioning on full blast is enough to keep the sweat and odor at bay. Luckily, non-invasive hyperhidrosis treatments like miraDry® are helping these individuals stay cool and odor-free year-round.

Why Hyperhidrosis Requires Permanent Treatment

While some may associate being sweaty with physical exertion, people with hyperhidrosis or “excessive sweating” are constantly sweating, even at rest, in the winter, and when not anxious. They may even be sweating in a swimming pool.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis, which determine where the excess sweat appears. In primary hyperhidrosis, the hands, face, feet, and underarms develop excess perspiration. For patients with secondary or generalized hyperhidrosis, sweating occurs all over the body or across larger swaths of the body like the back. As you can probably imagine, both forms of the condition can create further anxiety for men and women with the condition.

Until the development of miraDry®, non-surgical treatment options were relatively limited to prescription-strength antiperspirant and Botox®. While the Botox® solution is effective, the results are temporary and only last 3 to 6 months. In comparison, miraDry® destroys the sweat glands permanently to prevent uncomfortable underarm sweating while at rest and during stressful or exertional situations.

How miraDry® Tackles Underarm Sweating

Unlike Botox® injections, miraDry® permanently destroys the gland responsible for sweat overproduction. This treatment uses a specialized device that delivers electromagnetic energy to the glands. Patients have a dramatic correction with one treatment but may require more than one procedure for complete correction. Most patients have such a significant lifestyle improvement with a single treatment that they do not feel the need for more. We re-treat approximately 8-10% of patients.

Why Choose miraDry®?

There are a number of key advantages that have led our patients to prefer this non-surgical option over others. For starters, the high dose of energy not only helps reduce underarm sweating, but it also reduces the distinctive odor of stress sweat that often accompanies excessive sweat. Significant hair reduction is also a benefit. miraDry® is FDA cleared for sweat, odor, and hair!

Another important benefit is the longevity of treatment and relatively fast treatment process. As miraDry® is non-surgical, the procedure is relatively short and does not require extensive preparation from the patient. Furthermore, recovery is straight-forward, and the lasting results make the procedure well worth the investment.

Perhaps the most important advantage of miraDry® is the mental wellness impact the treatment has on patients. Immediately after the treatment session, patients find that their sweating is significantly reduced. For men and women who’ve lived with hyperhidrosis, heavy sweat, or bothersome odor, the ability to drastically improve these issues with one treatment greatly improves self-confidence, reduces social anxiety, and increases professional confidence.

Ready for miraDry®? Get Started at Diehl Plastic Surgery

Tired of excessive sweating getting in the way of your comfort and self-confidence? Learn how miraDry® from Raleigh plastic surgeon Dr. Diehl is helping men and women with hyperhidrosis get the right care they need. Call (919) 381-5540 today to schedule your treatment consultation and explore all your treatment options.

Effectively Spot Reduce Stubborn Fat with Liposuction

Diet and exercise provide whole body benefits such as improving health, building muscle, and helping you lose excess fat. For head to toe weight loss, these traditional methods are your best bet. However, fat doesn’t always accumulate evenly, hence the little nicknames for unwanted fat pockets: love handles, muffin tops, and banana rolls. If you’re close to your ideal weight, but stuck with rolls and bulges that won’t budge, what can you do?

Focus your fat loss on targeted areas with a body contouring procedure like liposuction. Using this powerful surgical treatment, we can effectively spot reduce stubborn fat and create your ideal shape. Call today and learn more about your options for liposuction at Diehl Plastic Surgery.

Where Do You Have Stubborn Fat?

Stubborn fat is a common problem for both men and women in Raleigh, NC. Most of our patients have at least one trouble spot where excess fat seems to gather and is difficult to lose. Unlike traditional weight loss that reduces the size of fat cells across the entire body, liposuction removes fat cells. This allows us to target specific areas. Since fat cells don’t regenerate, once we remove them, they are permanently gone. If you maintain a consistent weight, you should enjoy long-lasting results from your treatment. Many of our patients will never again struggle with stubborn fat pockets in the areas they treat with liposuction.

What areas can we enhance with this body contouring procedure? We use this treatment to shape and sculpt the body from top to bottom. Liposuction can remove stubborn fat from:










Diet and exercise alone aren’t the solutions for isolated fat pockets. Plain and simple, it’s just too hard for most patients to lose this type of fat on their own. Many give it a diligent effort and give up when the results don’t come after weeks and months of trying. Our body contouring treatments make it possible to eliminate the fat you can’t lose on your own. You focus on making your body strong and healthy, and we’ll take care of your trouble spots.

I’m Thinking About Liposuction and Want to Learn More About the Procedure

Turn your liposuction thoughts into body changing actions by calling our offices and scheduling a consultation. A consultation will provide you with personalized information and will give you the chance to sit down with a board-certified plastic surgeon and ask questions.

While you wait for your appointment, here is some information about the liposuction procedure and recovery.

What Happens During Liposuction?

This treatment is performed in our operating suite or in the procedure room, depending on the type of anesthesia selected. On the day of surgery, you’ll arrive at the facility and be escorted to a private waiting room. Patient privacy is very important to us.

Liposuction is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on the extent of the procedure, patient preferences, and other factors. We’ll talk about this in detail during your consultation. Small incisions are made near the treatment area. Dr. Diehl carefully places each incision to minimize visibility. A special tube called a cannula is inserted through the incision and used to suction out fat. The treated areas are carefully shaped, to ensure a smooth, even result after treatment. We offer both traditional liposuction and laser liposuction with SmartLipo.

After the fat is removed and ideal shape is achieved, the incisions are sutured closed, and the area is wrapped in bandaging. We often use compression garments to ensure proper healing.

Patients return home after the procedure.  The level of post-operative recovery depends on the type of anesthesia selected.  You will go home in compression garments.

What Is Recovery Like After Liposuction?

You’ll be back on your feet and enjoying sexier curves shortly after your treatment. Many patients are back to work within a week, often sooner. Bruising, swelling, and tenderness are common side effects during healing.

How Long Until I See Results from My Treatment? How Long Do They Last?

Liposuction results evolve over time.  The most dramatic changes happen over the first month.  Final results evolve over 6-8 months.  Remain at a stable weight, and you may enjoy your results for years to come.

Trouble spots? Shape and contour your body to perfection with liposuction. Call our offices at 919-381-5540 to learn more about body contouring in Raleigh, NC.


Live Comfortably and Confidently with ThermiVa®

Can we get personal? Many women feel uncomfortable in their most delicate and sensitive areas: the vagina and labia. They may be embarrassed to talk about their problems, unaware that there are treatments available to restore comfort and confidence. If you’re suffering from uncomfortable symptoms in your feminine areas because of aging, pregnancy, or childbirth, come into Diehl Plastic Surgery and talk with Dr. Diehl about your concerns. The changes you’ve experienced are normal and very treatable with a non-surgical option called ThermiVa®.

Common Feminine Complaints and What to Do About Them

Are you having problems “down there”? Change is a constant in a woman’s body and sometimes those changes lead to uncomfortable and unexpected symptoms in a woman’s most intimate areas. After pregnancy or hormonal changes many women report:

-Stress urinary incontinence (urine leakage)

– Vaginal dryness

-Painful intercourse

-Relaxed vaginal tissues

-Stretched out or sagging labia

-Decreased sexual function

These changes can have a major impact on how a woman feels about herself. Urinary incontinence can make exercise difficult and laughter stressful. Sexual changes can leave a woman feeling anxious in the bedroom and can affect relationships. These changes are serious and deserve proper attention.

At Diehl Plastic Surgery, we treat these concerns and others with ThermiVa®. We are pleased to offer this non-surgical option for vaginal rejuvenation to women in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill, NC areas.  Dr. Gilkey, a retired gynecologist is the primary ThermiVa® provider and a wonderful resource for our office.

What Is ThermiVa®?

ThermiVa® is an FDA-approved treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. It uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat vaginal and vulvar tissues to build collagen and gently tighten the internal and external tissue. The ThermiVa® device is a specially shaped wand that can treat feminine tissues both inside and outside of the vagina.

There are many benefits to ThermiVa® including:

-Tightening of the vaginal opening and canal.

-Reduction of sagging labia.

-Tightening of the vulva.

-Improved skin tone of feminine areas.

-Improved lubrication and less vaginal dryness.

-Increased sensitivity that may lead to easier, stronger orgasms.

-Less urinary incontinence.

These treatment benefits come from a non-surgical procedure that requires no downtime. You can even resume sexual activity the same day as your treatment.

What Can I Expect from a Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment in Raleigh, NC?

ThermiVa® treatments are performed in our offices and take about 45 minutes, start to finish. Patients are comfortably positioned on a treatment chair with soft knee crutches as they would during a pelvic exam. The handheld ThermiVa® wand will be moved across, over, inside, and around the vaginal and vulvar area. The treatment is painless and requires no anesthesia. Patients describe a warming sensation during ThermiVa®.

After your treatment, you’ll be ready to return home immediately. Many patients go right back to work. Patients can resume exercise and sexual activity as desired.

Surgical Treatment Options for Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa® is a safe and effective non-surgical treatment for vaginal and labial changes. We also offer a surgical vaginal rejuvenation option known as labiaplasty. This procedure reduces the size of the labia minora. This treatment is ideal for women with enlarged labia minora (inner labia lips), especially if they are causing embarrassment or discomfort. Dr. Diehl can explain your treatment options during a consultation.

Rejuvenate yourself after pregnancy, childbirth, and hormonal changes with ThermiVa®. Call our office to schedule your treatment consultation.


Say Goodbye to Cellulite with Cellfina®

Short shorts are a summertime clothing staple, but when you’ve got cellulite, you may feel like you have to cover up. Bare your legs with Cellfina®, a revolutionary cellulite treatment. Say goodbye to your cottage cheese thighs and discover smoother skin. Call us at 919-381-5540 to learn more about your options for treating stubborn cellulite.

What Is Cellulite and Why Do I Have It?

Most women have cellulite. It occurs when fibrous tissue bands pull the skin down over fat deposits creating a lumpy, dimpled appearance on the skin. Having cellulite doesn’t mean you’re fat. Many of our cellulite treatment patients are a healthy weight. Cellulite can happen to men or women, overweight or at a healthy weight.

Why Cellfina®?

We carefully choose each treatment we offer to ensure maximum benefit and safety for our patients. We love Cellfina® for cellulite treatment because:

-It targets the underlying cause of cellulite (fibrous bands).

-It is minimally invasive and non-surgical.

-No heavy anesthetics are necessary.

-Only one treatment is needed.

-Results are long-lasting.

-Patients return to work and other activities quickly.

Cellfina® Works Better than Topical Creams for Treating Cellulite- Here’s Why

Have you tried topical cellulite treatments? They offer big promises on the bottle, but when put to the test, often disappoint. Cellulite isn’t a topical skin problem, so topical treatments aren’t going to be effective. Cellulite starts deep within the skin as fibrous bands pull tissue down.

This treatment works underneath the skin’s outer layer, at the source of cellulite. It releases the fibrous bands, smoothing out the dimples. This is one of the most effective treatments for cellulite we’ve ever seen, and we’re excited to offer Cellfina® in Raleigh, NC.

What to Expect from a Cellfina® Treatment

We start a Cellfina® treatment by carefully marking the dimples on the thighs and buttocks. Once the dimples are marked, you’ll lie down, and we’ll prep the treatment area. The Cellfina® device pulls the skin taut, and a special handpiece will precisely cut the fibrous tissue band. We numb the area before treatment with a lidocaine and saline solution to minimize discomfort. After we release one fibrous band, we’ll move onto the next until each marked dimple has been treated and released.

After we treat all of your dimples, you’ll be ready to return home. Most patients are back to their regular activities quickly, often later that same day.  You’ll need to wear a compression garment for a few weeks. This helps the body to heal quickly and properly, improving your results. After treatment, you may experience bruising and soreness. These symptoms are temporary and typically resolve in a few days.

Am I a Good Candidate for Cellulite Treatment?

At Diehl Plastic Surgery we want you to be delighted with your results. Although Cellfina® is an excellent fit for many patients, it isn’t always the right procedure. Good candidates for this treatment:

-Are close to their ideal body weight, typically within 10 pounds.

-Have cellulite on the buttocks and/or thighs.

-Do not have skin laxity.

If Cellfina® isn’t the best procedure for you, we’ll recommend another option. Many of our patients achieve excellent results with SmartLipo, especially those patients that want to combine cellulite treatment with body contouring.

Your Next Steps

Got cellulite? Try Cellfina®. If you’re interested in learning more about this treatment, call our offices and schedule a consultation. During a Cellfina® consultation, we’ll:

-Perform a detailed physical examination.

-Make treatment recommendations.

-Answer your questions.

-Provide detailed information about treatment cost.

If you’re ready to get started, get in touch and we’ll schedule your consultation with Dr. Diehl as soon as possible.

Other Non-Surgical Treatments for Summer

Cellulite reduction isn’t the only way to prep your body for summer. Discover some of our favorite non-surgical treatments for summer:

-miraDry®– Excessive sweat can be embarrassing, especially when the weather heats up. We offer miraDry®, a non-invasive and permanent solution to underarm sweat and odor. miraDry® is FDA-cleared and has an excellent safety record. Enjoy long-lasting results with a single treatment session!

-CoolSculpting®– It’s bikini season. Let’s get your body ready. CoolSculpting® freezes stubborn pockets of unwanted fat. Muffin top? Love handles? CoolSculpting® can get your body ready for its bikini debut. We love that this treatment is non-invasive and requires no downtime.

Is your body ready for summer? Come into Diehl Plastic Surgery to banish your cellulite. Bring on the short shorts!


Sculpt Your Best Bikini Body Without Surgery with CoolSculpting®

When the weather warms up, the bikinis come out, and many women realize they aren’t quite ready for swimsuit season. Hurry into Diehl Plastic Surgery in Raleigh, NC to get bikini body ready. CoolSculpting® can shape and sculpt your body without surgery.

Diet, Exercise, and CoolSculpting®– What’s the Link?

You’ve probably heard that diet and exercise are the keys to your best body. This may be true in theory, but many of our patients find that losing fat is more complicated than that. They eat right and exercise regularly, but still struggle with stubborn fat, located in common trouble spots like the love handles, abdomen, or thighs. They aren’t looking to lose weight but want to lose fat.

CoolSculpting® is a potential solution to your bikini body woes. This treatment uses intense cold to crystalize and destroy fat cells. Since the CoolSculpting® applicator is placed over the treatment area, we can target specific fat pockets, unlike exercise that produces a whole-body result. After treatment, your body will begin to naturally process and eliminate the treated fat, permanently removing those stubborn fat cells from your body.

CoolSculpting® isn’t an alternative to the healthy practices of diet and exercise. It enhances your hard work. Eat right, go for a run, and if trouble spots remain after your best efforts, let us help.

5 Reasons to Choose CoolSculpting® This Summer

Is CoolSculpting® the key to a better summer body? Come in for treatment this summer and discover some of the top benefits of this popular procedure:

No Downtime– Summer is a busy time for many of our patients. With CoolSculpting®, you can receive treatment and return to daily activities immediately, no downtime necessary. Recovery symptoms are typically minor and include tenderness, bruising, and mild swelling. These don’t usually interfere with your daily activities.

Noticeable Fat Reduction– Does CoolSculpting® actually work? Clinical studies and our own experience say it does. Patients typically experience a 20-25% reduction of fat in the treated area with one treatment. Want better results? A second treatment can be performed several weeks later.

Long Lasting Results– CoolSculpting® destroys fat cells and your body eliminates them through natural metabolic processes. Fat cells don’t regenerate. If you maintain your weight, results should last. Most patients start to see their results in a couple weeks with the most dramatic changes visible 1-3 months after treatment.

Targeted Fat Removal– Where do you struggle with unwanted fat? We can freeze fat from head to toe. Popular treatment areas include: abdomen, arms, chin (double chin), bra roll area, flanks (love handles), knees, inner and outer thighs, banana rolls, etc. If you want to treat more than one area, we have two machines and offer DualSculpting, or the treatment of two areas simultaneously.

Short 35-Minute Treatment– You’ll receive your treatment in our comfortable Raleigh, NC plastic surgery office. We’ll get you in and out, typically in under an hour. The treatment itself takes about 35 minutes.

What are you waiting for? Call today and get started.

What Happens During a CoolSculpting® Treatment?

Do you want to rock that bikini with confidence this summer without surgery? Call us to schedule your CoolSculpting® treatment at Diehl Plastic Surgery.

When you come in for your appointment, we’ll take you into a comfortable treatment room. A specialized gel pad will be placed onto one of your trouble spots. The CoolSculpting® applicator is then placed on top of this pad. At first, you’ll feel intense cold, but the sensation fades quickly as the area naturally numbs itself.

Sit back and relax. You won’t have to do anything but wait as the treatment progresses. Many patients read a book or use their mobile devices.

When the treatment is complete, usually about 35 minutes later, you’ll be ready to resume your regular activities. Many patients head right back to work.

Your body will begin to process the treated fat cells, and you’ll see your results start to appear in just a few weeks.

At Diehl Plastic Surgery all of our treatments are performed by our CoolSculpting® specialists, Lynn and Sharon. They have both have advanced training on the best practices for the procedure and have been performing this treatment since 2012 .

Let’s get your body ready for summer. Call today and learn more about non-surgical fat removal in Raleigh, NC.