Finally Ladies! There's a Permanent Solution to Cellulite.

Most women have it, and all women despise it. The question is how do I get rid of it? Since the beginning, our body fixations on cellulite have played a major role in self-consciousness of our physical appearance. By the way, all those miracle cellulite-reducing creams, devices and serums – are a complete marketing hoax and totally bogus.


It is estimated that around 90% of women have cellulite. Cellulite has a ‘dimples and dents’ appearance stemming from genetics, hormones and other non-weight related factors. The cellulite dimples created by evil little bands of connective tissue that pull down the skin to the deeper tissues. Then, fat accumulates around these bands and pushes up the skin on all sides. This is what creates the ‘cottage cheese’ look.

Cellfina® is the only Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared treatment that dramatically reduces the appearance of cellulite. The exciting news is the results are permanent! Cellfina® is also a great option for some patients who’ve undergone a Brazilian Butt Lift (also known as fat transfer to the buttock or butt augmentation). If the patient has good skin elasticity, this may enhance results and help with the worsening of cellulite (indents and dimples) that commonly occurs after a brazilian butt lift.


Those likely to be good candidates for Cellfina® include patients who desire improvements in cellulite. It’s important to determine if you’re dealing with true cellulite because sometimes it can be misinterpreted for loose skin. The difference is that true cellulite still shows and indentation when the skin is stretched or placed under mild tension. That ‘cottage cheese’ appearance can also be associated with issue of skin laxity or loose skin if dimpling goes away when the skin is stretched. Cellfina® does not correct this because the problem is not the band.


Cellfina® is done under local anesthesia with very little discomfort. Basically, it is a minimally invasive, cutting device. When the area is fully numb, the device is inserted into the skin near each of the cellulite dimples, the evil little band is divided, and…away it goes! The miraculous device completely cuts through the band(s), frees the skin and alleviates the dimple(s). Overtime, patients may develop cellulite in other regions, but the results from the treated areas are permanent. There is very little downtime, but patients may experience minor bruising and swelling for a few days.