Can You Combine CoolSculpting® with Cellfina®?

When it comes to areas on the body that men and women most want to improve the appearance of, two aspects are usually involved: excess fat deposits and cellulite. While these two may seem to be relatively the same issue, they are in fact quite different. While fat deposits are simply that—fat that has accumulated in areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs, cellulite is different. Caused by bands of connective tissue that attach to the skin and create an indentation. Cellulite cannot be eliminated through diet or exercise and is just as likely to appear on those of normal weight as those who are overweight. Because these two issues are different, they respond differently to treatment. While neither are usually eliminated by diet or exercise alone, both can be effectively treated with different procedures. Dr. Diehl finds that targeting fat with CoolSculpting® and cellulite with Cellfina® is a great combination of treatments to eliminate unsightly areas of stubborn fat and cellulite in patients that do not want liposuction.

What is CoolSculpting®?

CoolSculpting® is a nonsurgical treatment that cools subcutaneous fat cells. While keeping your skin at safe temperatures, the CoolSculpting® applicator damages the fat cells to the point that the body will eliminate them through natural processes. This safely and effectively removes the fat cells permanently and leaves a slimmer and sleeker appearance in the areas that have been treated. CoolSculpting® can target areas of fat on the abdomen, flanks, back and bra fat, thighs, knees, arms, buttocks, and even under the chin with little to no discomfort or downtime.

What is Cellfina®?

Cellfina® is the only FDA cleared procedure to treat cellulite. Cellfina® effectively treats cellulite by dividing the actual band that creates the dimple. The procedure is considered “minimally invasive” and is completely comfortable after administration of numbing fluid. When these bands are released, the skin has a more even appearance. Though most report that Cellfina® is relatively painless, it can be done with the inhaled sedative ProNox to create a stress-free experience.

Combining Cellfina® and CoolSculpting®

Combining Cellfina® and CoolSculping is beneficial because they work on two different issues. CoolSculping is extremely effective in reducing small to medium size bulges of fat that have been resistant to diet and exercise and typically removes 24% of fat cells in treated areas. Cellfina®, on the other hand, is the only FDA cleared method of reducing the appearance of cellulite. Because bulges of fat and areas of cellulite often occur in the same areas of the body, using both methods can provide an allover solution that cannot be achieved using just one or the other.

If you think having both Cellfina® and CoolSculpting® is a good option for you, you probably want to know which you should have done first. In almost all cases and after a thorough consultation, Dr. Diehl will recommend you have CoolSculpting® before Cellfina®. While excess fat does not cause cellulite, it can accentuate its appearance since fat that presses against the skin can place additional stress on the fibrous tissue. Because of this, a CoolSculpting® treatment can actually reduce the amount of cellulite that needs to be treated with Cellfina®. Though it’s unlikely that CoolSculping alone will completely eliminate your need for Cellfina®, it will at least give Dr. Diehl a more accurate estimate of how to proceed with the Cellfina® procedure.

If you decide on having both treatments, Dr. Diehl will normally advise that you wait at least two to three months after your CoolSculpting® treatment to have Cellfina®. This is because the effects of CoolSculpting® are not immediate as it takes time for the body to eliminate the damaged fat cells. Two months is usually enough time for Dr. Diehl to get some idea of the results of your CoolSculpting® treatment so she can effectively perform the Cellfina® treatment on the remaining visible cellulite.

Is Cellfina® and CoolSculpting® Right For You?

To be considered an ideal candidate for a Cellfina® and CoolSculpting® combined procedure, you need to be within 25 pounds of your goal weight and still be able to pinch at least one inch of excess fat in the area you want to be treated. You should also have moderate to severe cellulite as this is what responds best to the Cellfina® treatment.

If you are interested in targeting both unwanted pockets of fat as well as moderate to severe cellulite, schedule a consultation with Dr. Diehl today to see if CoolSculpting® and Cellfina® are right for you!