Color Street Nail Design

I think most women can agree that having beautiful nails is a great way to express yourself. It is also a lovely accessory to your overall appearance. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to invest the time and the money to go to monthly nail salon visits or to tediously paint your own nails. For a lot of women, acrylics or gels seem to be an enticing option because they’re long-lasting, but it is also more expensive and can ruin your nail bed after continued use and applications.


For surgeons and healthcare workers like Dr. Cynthia Diehl, constant hand washing and scrubbing into the operating room makes it almost impossible to keep up with acrylic, gel or even painted nails for longer than a weekend. After Dr. Diehl discovered Color Street, she felt that it was the perfect solution to her nail issues, which led her to carrying this wonderful product in her practice!


Color Street is a line of high-quality nail polish strips that come in several different options, such as solids, nail art designs, glitters, french manicures and pedicures. These strips are made of 100% nail polish, which include the base coat, color and top coat for increased strength and chip protection. Color Street doesn’t include any of the toxic ingredients found in most conventional nail polish (e.g. formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, xylene, camphor, ethyl tosylamide and parabens).

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The nail strips go on dry, and only take about 5 minutes to apply by pressing the strips on and filing the edges to allow them to fit your exact nail sizes. No dry time, heating or extra processing needed afterwards. You can expect to enjoy your beautiful nails for about two weeks after application. When you’re ready to switch nail colors or go back to your natural nails, you can just use nail polish remover to remove your Color Street nail polish strips. There are no strong adhesives used in the strips, so when you’re ready to take them off, you can expect to keep your healthy nail beds.


Dr. Diehl offers a large selection of Color Street nail styles for immediate purchase in our practice at Diehl Plastic Surgery. You can also click here to order them online.