Define and Tone Your Contour

Diehl Plastic Surgery will be the first in Raleigh to have the CoolTone by CoolSculpting® device. Not only can you freeze fat, but now you can also tone muscle in a matter of only thirty minutes. It’s even possible that the new body contouring treatment known as CoolTone may have results that could take you further than the gym!


CoolTone is the latest FDA-cleared device by Allergan that helps strengthen and tone underlying muscles in the abdomen, buttocks and thighs through magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). Basically, the device shoots out electromagnetic energy into your muscles to produce involuntary contractions. These contractions strengthen your body’s muscle fibers, which improves muscle conditioning and results in stronger, firmer and more defined muscles.


According to Allergan, CoolTone offers 50% more magnetic intensity than its leading competitors. But similar to Emsculpt, you’ll need to undergo more than one treatment in order to see more defined results. Though, it depends on the individual and the treated area(s) to know the number of CoolTone treatments you will need.

CoolTone offers more impressive and longer lasting results when combined with a regular exercise routine. We believe that CoolTone may encourage our patients to adhere to their healthy lifestyle goals by providing exciting and optimal results in a shorter amount of time compared to going to their nearest fitness center.