Find Your Glow at Diehl Plastic Surgery

There are so many aesthetic facial treatments and procedures out there! Some treatments use exotic botanicals, while others use devices or energy to improve the surface of the skin. But have you ever heard of getting a facial with a miniature scalpel?


Dermaplaning, also known as dermablading is a treatment that uses a special scalpel to gently remove built-up dead skin cells, as well as the vellus hair that resembles peach hair on the face. Contrary to popular belief, the vellus hair removed from the face will not grow back in thicker nor darker.


Dermaplaning is quick, painless and has immediate results. There’s no pre-procedure numbing needed, and the process is extremely comfortable. The removal of dead skin cells promotes better skincare absorption and improves a dull complexion. This, in addition to the removal of vellus hair, results in super smooth, glowing skin. After your dermaplaning session, you can show off your au natural, radiant skin or flaunt a flawless application of your favoritw foundation and contour.


If you have a special event coming up, this is the perfect procedure to prepare you to look your absolute best. Dermaplaning works beautifully in combination with other treatments, such as a chemical peel or microneedling. When we perform dermaplaning before a chemical peel, we increase the absorption of the peel and combine all of the benefits you receive from each individual treatment. If you want to incorporate dermaplaning into your regular skincare routine, we recommend monthly treatments to keep your skin fresh and glowing!

Dermaplaning is a simple, yet effective way to maintain beautiful skin. It gives your face and skin an instant transformation. Many patients note how relaxing the experience is and recognize this treatment as a component of their self-care routine. We can’t wait to help you find your glow at Diehl Plastic Surgery!


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