There is now a non-invasive and permanent solution for men and women who want to reduce underarm sweating and odor. Diehl Plastic Surgery is proud to offer miraDry®, an FDA-cleared treatment that dramatically reduces underarm sweating and odor with just a single session. As a miraDry® patient herself, Dr. Cynthia Diehl has firsthand experience of the incredible benefits this treatment provides.


It might seem like no matter how much you exercise and diet, you’re still left with stubborn pockets of fat, especially on areas like the abdomen, love handles, and thighs. Traditionally, men and women turned to invasive procedures like liposuction, but not everyone is a candidate for surgery. With the demands of modern life, most people simply don’t have the time for recovery. What if there were a way to rid yourself of this fat without resorting to surgery?

That’s where CoolSculpting® can help: This non-invasive procedure eliminates fat for good – without incisions, anesthesia, needles, or scarring.


If you’re frustrated with dimpled skin, there is finally a solution that targets cellulite at the source: Cellfina®. Cellfina® is currently the only minimally invasive technology that is FDA-cleared to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Thermi® uses radiofrequency energy to tighten tissue.  This technology can be used all over the body.

Find which Thermi® treatment is right for you!


Women in the Raleigh, Durham, and surrounding area are finding quick and easy rejuvenation with a variety of facial fillers.  Fillers are a wonderful way to restore volume that is lost with aging or to add volume where a patient feels deficient.  Schedule an appointment to discuss whether fillers are right for you.

Skin Care

Diehl Plastic Surgery is proud to offer the Dermasensa skin care line to treat your specific needs. Dermasensa was founded by a group of plastic surgeons and dermatologists to provide cutting-edge cosmeceuticals at affordable prices. From nourishing serums to rejuvenating masks, they offer a full range of products to suit every skin type.

Meet Dr. Diehl

Dr. Diehl is driven by the desire to better the lives of her patients. Dr. Diehl is one of the few female and Spanish-speaking plastic surgeons in Raleigh. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and was previously certified by the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Diehl is trained in cosmetic facial, breast, and body procedures, including SmartLipo MPX, an FDA approved laser liposuction technology. She also provides non-surgical cosmetic treatments including CoolSculpting®, Thermi®, miraDry®, and injectables to patients in Raleigh and the surrounding area.


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