Earlobe damage is common among men and women. Earlobes are small bundles of skin and fatty tissue, which are strong and flexible to a certain extent. But they’re not as strong compared to other parts of the ear that are mainly cartilage.

Earlobe correction can surgically repair and restore clefted, stretched, ripped, torn and gauged earlobes. It also corrects irregularities that result from injuries, traumas and congenital deformities. Another similar treatment is earlobe reduction, which is a procedure that reduces the size of your earlobes.

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Dr. Cynthia Diehl performs in-office earlobe repairs under local anesthesia, which takes about 15-20 minutes per ear. The stitches are usually ready to come out in about seven days. When the earlobes are finished healing, it is advised to avoid stretching and thinning the earlobe again. If you still enjoy wearing heavier earrings, a good way to do this is to alternate between the larger, heavier ones and the lighter studs.

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