If you struggle with your weight, you understand that diets can leave you feeling worse than you did before you even started them and can cause your weight loss efforts to feel never-ending. While a caloric deficit is essential to shedding pounds, the method you use to achieve it can make or break the results you want.

In order to create a caloric deficit, we see many patients adopt restrictive diets that work at the beginning but encourage dangerous behaviors such as strict food restrictions, dramatic caloric restrictions, and even binge eating certain foods.  These types of diets frequently result in weight gain in the long term as the patients fatigue with the limitations.

While patients often go from one diet to another in search of a consistent caloric deficit, they miss the most important piece of the weight loss puzzle: Creating a healthy relationship with food is key to long-term, successful weight loss. Unfortunately, diet culture does not encourage healthy, balanced eating and patients continue yo-yo dieting, often for decades.

So, how do we put an end to this cycle and achieve our weight loss goals?

Where do Fad Diets Fail?

These days, it’s hard to go on any blog or social media platform without seeing a new personality promoting the latest trend diet. From ketogenic to paleo, new diets promising fast weight loss with a quick diet change are constantly emerging. While many of these diets are developed with the best intentions and can provide great results, many of these diets fail in two major areas:

1) They encourage an “all you can eat” approach rather than portion control.

2) Rely on restriction rather than relationship building to keep the weight off.

There’s a Problem with Your Portion

For individuals prone to binge eating, the concept of eating as much as they want, whenever they want, so long that it’s one of the diet’s specified “good foods,” can be especially alluring. However, portion control matters and eliminating it completely tends to encourage overeating and can ultimately lead to weight gain rather than weight loss, especially once you are not following the diet as instructed.  And who wants to follow a diet forever – the goal would be to follow NO diet, eat healthily, and achieve your goals.

Where Restriction Does Not Equal Success

In the push for greater food label transparency, more and more diets are being developed with a focus on clean eating and cutting out ingredients that are less natural or more heavily refined. These solutions are highly restrictive, requiring individuals to completely cut out common ingredients like sugar, dairy or grains from their diet.

While removing processed foods can benefit your health and weight loss, this can be a challenge for many dieters who aren’t prepared to make the long-term lifestyle adjustments sustained weight loss requires.  These diets can also be prohibitively expensive long-term because of the types of foods you are forced to buy.  These restrictions and costs lead to non-compliance and re-gaining any weight lost when the dieter fatigues with the plan.   

Out with Old, in with the New: Why Science in Driving Weight Loss

Within the last 20 years, researchers have discovered the important role healthy eating habits play in weight loss treatment. This goes beyond just what you’re eating; Sustainable weight loss requires that individuals adopt healthy ways of eating. The development of the SmartByte system is a culmination of this important research.   SmartByte is an FDA cleared, safe and comfortable device that is made specifically for you.

The device forces you to take smaller bites and chew more thoroughly – leading to mindfulness when eating, teaching you to taste and enjoy your food, and being more “in the moment”.  This allows your brain satiety centers to kick in and tell you when you are full, and ultimately decreasing the amount of food you eat.  This is the ultimate weight loss tool for people who eat too quickly and eat too much in one sitting.  SmartByte removes dietary restrictions, thereby reducing the risk of binge eating. Often, overeating occurs when an individual has followed a restrictive diet and ends up binging on forbidden food. Rather than forcing patients to give up specific foods, SmartByte reinforces the concepts of portion control and moderation.  With this innovative weight loss system, patients can enjoy their favorite foods throughout the process, rather than trying to gorge themselves before or after their procedure. With SmartByte, you can have a slice of chocolate cake but don’t be surprised if you only end up eating half.  

People who use SmartByte averaged 23% less food to feel satisfied.  Over time, that decreased caloric intake makes an impact on your weight loss goals!

Most importantly, SmartByte focuses on promoting healthier behavioral changes for sustainable weight loss and maintenance. Smaller, slower bites allow patients to sit and enjoy their food rather than scarf it down and risk overeating. This form of eating quickly becomes routine, allowing individuals to better adjust their lifestyle to a healthier one capable of supporting their weight loss.   SmartByte is truly a behavior modification tool.  We aren’t changing what you are eating, but how you are eating it!  SmartByte also includes a chip to allow you to download information to your smartphone and personalized coaching by trained professionals with the company.  These tools allow you to track progress and help you reach your goals.

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While every weight loss journey is unique, successful weight loss requires a fundamental lifestyle change that embraces healthy eating habits as well as diet and exercise. At Diehl Plastic Surgery, Raleigh plastic surgeon, Dr. Diehl, is dedicated to helping patients understand these important steps to weight loss and find a professional system that best suits their needs. To learn more about SmartByte, contact our Raleigh team to schedule your consultation!