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It’s happening.

Stores are starting to roll out their winter displays, holiday lattes have hit coffee shops, and plans to visit family and friends are in full swing. In just a few short months, many of our patients will start getting ready to make their New Year’s resolutions. Many of those resolutions often revolve around losing those last few pounds that are stubbornly keeping people from reaching their ideal body. Why wait until January to achieve your dream of a slender, contoured body? Now is the perfect time to start your CoolSculpting® treatment and reach your goals before the new year starts!

Why CoolSculpting®?

Even with diligent diet and exercise, some bumps and lumps of excess fat can stubbornly stay behind. This is due to the simple fact that while fat cells can shrink, they can never be truly eliminated without physical intervention. Traditionally, fat reduction or removal was done via liposuction, a popular cosmetic surgery that provides long-lasting results. However, not everyone may be ready for invasive surgery just to shed their last few pockets of fat. That’s where CoolSculpting® comes in.

Like its surgical counterpart, CoolSculpting® is designed to help patients add definition to different parts of the body by eliminating existing fat cells. However, CoolSculpting®’s innovative technology is completely non-surgical. With this treatment option, patients don’t need to worry about spending weeks preparing for surgery or take time off for recovery. While some individuals may experience some slight soreness or bruising after their session, this usually dissipates within a few days.  There really is no downtime with the CoolSculpting® procedure.

The Science Behind CoolSculpting®

So, what makes CoolSculpting® so successful without requiring even minimal surgical intervention? The key is in how the fat cells are destroyed. As mentioned, fat cells fluctuate in size based on several factors, including weight, diet, and exercise. While fat cells may shrink when a person has low body fat, they can quickly expand as an individual gains weight.

To eliminate fat cells, CoolSculpting® uses a specific applicator that cools the areas to a very specific temperature that damages fat cells. The cold temperature is set to target just fat cells without damaging the surrounding skin and muscle tissue. Known as the process of cryoliposis, the damaged fat cells are then naturally absorbed by the body and eliminated in the weeks following treatment. By the end of the processing period, patients are left with a reduction in fat averaging 20-25% in the area treated.

Considerations for Your CoolSculpting® Treatment

Not every patient carries or loses weight the same way. When it comes to removing extra fat from your body with CoolSculpting®, our Raleigh plastic surgeon takes the utmost care to ensure your treatment is designed with your body’s needs and goals in mind. Lynn and Sharon have been doing CoolSculpting® treatments at Diehl Plastic Surgery for over 6 years.  During your CoolSculpting® consultation, Lynn or Sharon will perform an in-depth evaluation to ensure this solution will best help you reach your goals. While CoolSculpting® is highly effective for some patients, not everyone looking to eliminate extra bumps from their physique enjoy the same results. Individuals with larger or more abundant target areas may find that comprehensive treatment with liposuction or multiple CoolSculpting® treatments provides better results.

When thinking about CoolSculpting®, it’s also important to remember that treatment results are gradual – the process relies on your body to process out damaged fat cells. As such, it’s important for patients who are looking to use CoolSculpting® in preparation for an upcoming event to schedule their treatment sessions well in advance. If you’re thinking about starting the new year with a new physique, now may be the best time to start treatment.

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At Diehl Plastic Surgery, our goal is to help all patients feel comfortable and confident in their appearance. To learn more about the advantages of CoolSculpting® and to see how this innovative procedure can transform your body, call our Raleigh plastic surgeon today to schedule your consultation!